A little about 2016 

People seemed to face a lot of unpleasant things this year. As hard as 2016 was for many of you, it’s important to see that sometimes it all needs to come crashing down in order to clear out and make room for new growth and opportunities. 

According to numerology, 2016 was a “9” year meaning the end of a cycle, which was a fantastic opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us, tie up loose ends, create healthy boundaries for ourselves and prepare for the brand new energy 2017 will bring. While some may have floated through 2016 without any bumps, others sure felt the pressure of this year to get things done and face a lot of truths. If you had a hard time with just about every aspect of your life this year, don’t worry, it just means that your mind, body and spirit were doing a little “Spring Cleaning”. 

On a personal note, my year was full of spiritual and personal growth but I have to be honest…. it wasn’t comfortable by any means. I did my first level of Reiki in March and that’s what really tipped off my inward spiritual journey. ( For those who aren’t familiar with reiki it is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.) I learned all sorts of new things about myself and began to perceive the world in a different way. It was wonderful. But it wasn’t long after that until I started to slough off events of the past that my conscious mind had forgotten about, but my subconscious was still very much aware of. This is called the healing process. 

I began to feel everything very deeply and it became overwhelming. I’ve always known I was sensitive but this was eye opening as to just how sensitive I am. Old things came up to the surface constantly. I spent a lot of time crying. I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself, it was a release of burried emotions from long ago. I spent most of my summer by myself which gave me lots of time to quietly transform into the next best version of myself. 

August came and I did my second level of Reiki. This one kicked my ass. I began rapidly growing and changing and with that I was also letting go of a lot of stuff that was sometimes beyond my level of understanding. I ended up breaking out in the worst cystic Acne. I felt ugly. People would come up to me at my job and ask if I had cancer or just blatantly ask what was wrong with my face. I had one person who said “good for you for being out in public looking like that”. The comments were awful and started to wear on my self esteem and eventually tore it all down. I became very insecure of what I looked like which also led to being very hard in myself every time I looked in the mirror. The last time I had felt that way about myself was when I was 15… ironic how it was all coming out now. I decided to start being a little gentler with myself. Accepting and loving myself just as I was at the moment. Slowly but surely things started to get better and quiet down. I started to see the lesson this year was trying to teach me. Even though my conscious mind may not fully understand the lessons I was given this year, I felt a calmness. I feel ready for new beginnings and opportunities. I feel an overwhelming amount of optimism in my life and am incredibly lucky to have such amazing people. So yes 2016 was a very tough year but I remained as positive as i could and had complete faith in myself that i would pull through. I feel i needed all these things to happen to take me where I need to be.

So don’t be afraid to clean out that closet. You will never know what you are capable of if you don’t give yourself room to grow. It is best not to fight the things that happen to you. Move with the current and open yourself to receive the wisdom the universe has to show you. You never know what could happen! And yes healing your emotional self etc is messy, uncomfortable, and scary at times but you must always trust in the universe and most importantly have trust in yourself. 

2017 is going to be a year of new energy and new beginnings. Focus on the things you want to manifest in your life and remember you deserve nothing but the best! 

No matter what you went through or didn’t go through this year, you are the key to your own happiness! And while some things are out of your control, you can control how you react and choose to let go of what doesn’t serve you for your highest good. 
Much love and blessings to you all and bright wishes for 2017!!! 

May all your dreams come true. 


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