6 Crystals for the Bedroom 

6 crystals that are perfect for your bedroom. 
Lots happens in the bedroom. It’s your resting spot after a long hard day, it’s a place where you can dream, a place of intimacy and a place where your mind, body and spirit connect with each other while you rest. A bedroom is meant to be peaceful, safe and secure. 

Below are 6 crystals that make lovely energetic additions to your bedroom. 
1. Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz carries the vibration of unconditional love. It is also a very calming and gentle stone that can also help you embrace self love and calm emotions. 
2. Lepidolite.

Lepidolite is a magnificent stone for helping to heal emotional upsets. It provides calming energy and can also help chase off nightmares. 
3. Amethyst.

It’s rich purple colour is so relaxing. Amethyst helps dispel nightmares as well as protecting your aura. You can use it for dream work which also helps to heal and activate the third eye chakra
4. Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is a good one because it works well to amplify the energy of the other stones it’s with. It can also be programmed on its own to exude a calming serene energy to help you get a good nights sleep.
5. Selenite.

Selenite is connected to the moon as it reflects light beautifully just like the moon herself. This crystal fills your aura with healing light and helps you to connect with your higher self. 
6. Celestite.

One of my absolute favourites! Celestite helps to calm your energy and connect you to the angelic realm. If you are having trouble with a situation, put a piece of Celestite under your pillow and ask your angels to help you sort it out. 
What is your favourite crystal?

Love & Light 



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