How the ego can hold you back from your authentic self

Ego rules us at certain points of our lives. Nobody is immune to it… not even spiritual people. I find that some spiritual people can have a harder time with ego especially when going through an awakening because they tend to get a big head about being “enlightened” and sometimes gain a superiority complex over others. It’s all part of growing and shifting but some can get stuck. But that’s a whole different topic I will save for another post. 

I will start by saying the ego isn’t all bad, but there must be a balance or the ego can get out of control and cause some problems. 

Today we will focus on the ugly side of the ego. This part of the ego will often tell us that we can’t achieve certain things or make us scared to do so. Jealousy also stems from ego just as much as boasting about material items etc. Ego can also be defining your self worth and the worth of others based on superficial things like job titles, material possessions, etc. 

It’s important to remember that our higher selves always want us to move forward, constantly changing and growing. Our ego wants us to stay stuck. When we can rid ourselves of ego…we will find personal freedom. 

Here are some ways to let go of ego and focus on your true self. 

– When the words “I can’t” come into your head, quickly counteract that thought with a positive affirmation. Something like “I can do this…I am strong and deserving.” The great thing about affirmations is that you can say them in your mind as many times as you’d like. 

– When you feel jealous remember that everyone is on their own divine path. What may be great for them isn’t always great for you. Focus on the life you want and make it happen. Everything that happens or doesn’t is for your highest good. Just be patient. 

– Be aware of your intentions…always. Don’t do things just because it will make you “look good” and get praise. Always do things from the heart 

– Forgive others/ let go of unhealthy situations. When you hold grudges, it holds you back. Take back that energy your wasting and let that person/ situation go out of your life and wish them well. Most importantly, move on. 

The ego can and will show up in many forms. You can always defeat your ego by staying true to yourself and coming from a place of love. Be that beautiful, amazing, unique being that you are. 

A really great book for shedding the ego is. The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I truly believe anyone and everyone will benefit by reading that book! 

That’s all for this time! 

I really hope you enjoyed reading this. 

If you’d like to see more of my spiritual journeys etc feel free to follow my Instagram: @wellnessforthesoulblog

Blessings xo



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